Since early 2012 the Chimerical Company has been consciously building a model for a better community. We have done so by listening to all people from every possible sect or group imaginable. This allows us to find the basic needs that all living things can agree upon. History has shown that a lot of violent moments were caused from a lack of clear communication. Words can be tricky. So knowing that, try to understand that our goal is to create a sustainable space where every person who interacted with that space, was better off for it. We would like to clarify – we use the word sustainable to mean: self-supporting, something that can continue it’s course for years to come. There is a tendency to apply additional meanings or feelings to words and our goal is to be as simple as possible so that we can create a community of endless possibility.

After over a year of dreaming about the idea,  we became a registered non-profit corporation.  As of now, we are simply a collection looking for a space. Our time is spent:

Learning from others.
Educating others.
Creating art.
Creating practical businesses.
Shooting videos and films.
Editing and mastering those videos and films.
Designing eco-friendly luxurious houses to create.
Designing clothing to create.
Playing music.
Playing dress up.
playing music, philosophizing, dreaming.
Studying the needs of individuals.
Studying the needs of the world.

As you can see we are keeping busy even without any sort of stable space to build from. In order for us to truly evolve to a point where we can do the amount of good we know we are capable of, there is a lot of work left to do. Please see how you can get involved in this universal project!

Unfortunately this is the most helpful, especially now.

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Word of mouth is equally important. We understand if money is tight! Some of our members are living out of their car…
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